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Scott Wilson's Ultimate Jazz Tool Kit and Workbook

Comes with online platform and 35 instructional jazz videos and many jazz resources!
Jazz Terminology   

          Defining Chord Terms
         Building Basic Seventh Chords
         The Seven Possible Note Spellings For All 7th Chords
         Triads and Seventh Chords In All 12 Keys
         Staff Paper:  Note Taking Staff Paper
         Identifying Basic Jazz Chord Symbols
         Defining Modes
         Constructing Basic Scales
         The Break Down on Basic Intervals
         Interval Cheat Sheets (All intervals listed in all 12 keys)
         Extended Chords
                   Building Basic Extended Chords      
                   Understanding Polychords
                             Polychords – Making Music Easier (practice tips)
                             Polychord Cheat Sheets

Building A Great Jazz Piano Voicing With Ease

Base Piano Voicings Using the F to F Rule

Common Jazz Scales And Modes In All 12 Keys  

Chord = Scale Cheat Sheets

Staff Paper:  Note Taking Staff Paper
Scales/Modes And The Chords They Facilitate
Wilson Number Charts (the e=mc2 of music)

         The Wilson Chord Matrix
         Number Charts
                   Number Charts Rational
                   Practice Tips and Exercises For The Number Charts
                   Number Chart Exercises

Sight Reading Manual
         Sight Reading (the secrets)
         Rhythm Sheet Practice Tips
         Rhythm Sheet Example Page
         Rhythm Sheets (Quarters and Eights)
         Rhythm Sheets (Triplets)
         Rhythm Sheets (Sixteenths)
         Reading Music Like Reading A Book (great suggestion page)

Big Band Terminology
Jazz Articulation Guide

         Jazz Articulation Reference Guide
         30 Bluesy Articulation Exercises (for C instruments)
         30 Bluesy Articulation Exercises (for Bb instruments)
         30 Bluesy Articulation Exercises (for Eb instruments)
         30 Bluesy Articulation Exercises (for Bass clef instruments)

Memorizing The Perfect Blues-Chorus To Learn The Sounds Of The Resolving 3rds and 7ths.

Bebop Scale Basics
50 Hip Bebop ii-V-I’s

Learning How Easy It Is To Hear A Rhythm Section In Your Head
Writing a Combo Tune With Ease
Transposition Guide Lines & Instrument Ranges For Writing Your Melody Out

Memorizing Tunes:  Identifying The Standard Puzzle Pieces

How To Prepare For An Audition (preparation techniques, hints, tips)
Critical Things To Pay Attention To In Big Band Rehearsals (For student’s and directors)

         In The Band
         In The Written Music
         Musical Elements
         On The Stage
         From The Director
         CHEAT SHEET for all of the above.

Practicing Your Music Parts (for musicians: professional techniques, innovative exercises and suggestions that lead to great performances)

The Importance Of Tuning And Professional Tuning Techniques
         Staff Paper:  Big Band Sample Staff Paper
How To Run A Sectional  (professional techniques and innovative and fun exercises)

Defining & Interpreting Cut-offs
        Defining The 3 Basic Types Of Cut-Offs
         Interpreting Cut Offs (fundamental cut-offs, when to modify the
         cut-off, interpreting the cut-off of a note that is tied to an eighth note,
         cut-offs on special effects (shake, fall, gliss), and shaping a note
         before you cut it off.

Getting A Good Jazz Instructor   (and how to find them)

What Information Should Your Date Book Have?

Big Band List (comprehensive resource list that contains over 100 bands and band leaders that contributed to the development of the jazz idiom)


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